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In this comedy game, you take on the role of Emma, a lesbian twenty year old college student of Mexican origin.

Emma  has a secret.  Everyone does.  But no, it's not that she likes girls.   We're in 2021 and she's pretty open about that part.  No, her secret is  more curious than that: she has a foot fetish.  Something about feet  gets her all worked up.

And what job could be more perfect for her than working part-time at a spa center doing pedicures? 

Emma  is quite happy with her life, but there is still one thing she'd like.   Everyone needs love, after all.  And for Emma, this has always been a  bit of a sore spot.  Even with her ex, Melanie, she's never been able to  find the courage to open up about her kink.

Things are going to change for Emma though, because three women are  about to enter Emma's life-- three very different women that may be able  to accept Emma for who she is and make her the happiest woman alive!

The Love Interests

Victoria - Victoria  is athletic, determined, and passionate about sports and other physical  activities.  She left college to pursue a career as a professional  athlete and it will be up to Emma to either support her choice or  convince her that it's better to have a plan B just in case.

Lucy - Independent and strong, Lucy is a  feminist, an artist, a part-time DJ, and, of course, a lover of all  things goth.  Her erotic horror comic books are well known.  Add to that  the way she acts and dresses and she's practically a celebrity. 

But  what does she have to do with Emma?  Well, turns out they were  schoolmates a long time ago.  And maybe Emma has forgotten about her,  but Lucy certainly didn't forget about Emma.

Natalie - This gorgeous blonde is older than Emma by upwards of ten years, but  that doesn't make her any less appealing.  Natalie is quite gifted,  being a genius in math and a savant on the piano.  With a failed  marriage behind her, Natalie is ready to start a new chapter in her  life.  She's never been with a woman before, but meeting Emma will  change her life.

Optional adult content

The game will feature optional adult content. While it will mainly be  focused on the foot fetish niche, the artwork will also show off other  parts of the female body.  So, even if your aren't into feet there  should still be something for you.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 3.1 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorWinter Wolves
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionAbout an hour


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