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Hello, I have many bugs with my version. It´s mixed with scenes from Never forget me. Which version is the latest?

It's impossible, looks like somehow you installed a game over the other or something?

Thanks for the help. The guess is right. The game is alright now. Good job.

The page says "In development" still. You may want to update that as some potential customer's may be turned off if they think the game is still in early access.


Oops thanks for letting me know!

Does this game work with Windows XP?


I don't have an XP machine myself but since it uses Renpy, and in Renpy official page says "Windows XP" I think it should work fine!

Got the game as a Christmas present. Some versions of Renpy don't work on XP lately. Fortunately, this game does work on XP.^_^


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why is it so hard to get lacey romance ending??, I maxed out her relationship and social no matter what I do I get her friendship ending, if you could please help and give me a guide much would be appreciated.

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actually I figured it out nvm.

Hi, First off I really liked game. It was cute to see a wholesome plot of daughter and father reconnect after years of separation. The only problem I found however, is that no matter how I played the game I couldn't reach the Lacey romance ending. I saw the tips & tricks posted on your site but no matter what order I completed the recommended actions in I always get the Lacey (Either Ending). I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


Did you check the second post in that thread? it's a full walkthrough by the writer (my first post is just some hints).

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It's around 55k words - that's why the price, my "standard" games (not the RPG) have around 120-150k words and cost $19.99. So for less than half seemed a right price :)

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Hello! After downloading the game, when I click the icon it doesn't open. I've already restarted my computer and deleted a lot of tabs and it still doesn't work. I have a mac.

It's a problem with Gatekeeper, the easiest solution is probably to launch the game from client, otherwise you can check this thread in my forums:

But it's complex stuff.

I launched it from's client, it worked. Thank you.

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Check this blog post, I explain why I didn't do a demo for this game:

Will you release it in Steam?

Yes as soon as I have time, probably in a month or so :)

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Really liked the game, have been a fan of your games eversince I played Loren!!!! <3 I really related to June relationship with her dad and I really like that the game give us the chance to concentrate on that relationship instead of always the tipical romance routs! ^^

Glad you liked it :)


here's just a short hint & tips post in my forums to get you started if you have trouble reaching the endings:

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Very cute game, I love the art. The only complaint I have is that the third act (weeks 9-12?) feels rather rushed and uneventful. I know that's basically where you're locked in to your path, I just wish there was more indication, and maybe one more event; at least on Lacey's route, I need to go for the others. Keep up the good work! Is there anywhere online we can see more of Jill's content?

Jill also wrote Never Forget Me (Always Remember Me sequel), apart this she's mainly a voice actress, this is her website: