Corona Borealis beta 0.8.7

The beta of Corona Borealis has started!

Please note that due to the way the game is made, no demo will be available, because one could play almost all the "talk scenes" in the demo already.

The game is smaller compared to my other games, but it's reflected on the low price of only $6.99! It still has many interesting features like:

- Three potential love interests, up to eight endings
- Sixteen gorgeous CGs and original soundtrack
- Scheduler+stat raising+talk options
- Partial VO featuring Justin Briner (Deku in My Hero Academia), Dallas Reid (Asta in Black Clover), and Jill Harris (Noelle in Black Clover)

Jill (the writer and author of the game) playtested it for a LOONG time! :lol: But of course, let us know if there's some bug left :) thanks and enjoy it!

Files 137 MB
Version 12 Apr 28, 2019 137 MB
Version 9 Apr 06, 2019

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None of the romance endings unlock in the gallery. Basil unlocked ok though. Lacey's "either" ending unlocked when I should have gotten her romance  - I had full stats with her and ignored her brother. Overall this was a cute little story, I am saddened that you went back to the high school first kiss style story but it was cute none the less.

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Thanks for the feedback will check the gallery.

As for the "high school first kiss style story", remember that this is not my story, I only helped the writer finishing it so I didn't want to  force anything. My upcoming games have all optional adult content :)

Regarding Lacey ending, Jill (the writer) told me: "To unlock Lacey's romance ending, you must choose "Stay at your station", otherwise you get Lacey's friendship ending even if you've maxed out her stats and ignored Noah."