New update (starting of Nagas rescue mission)

What's New in this update

- added the two naga rescue missions! :) you can now try to rescue Enok/Sylrissa depending who you saved in the first scene with them. Like other rescue missions, before first full moon you only get an "intro", the real mission/fight happens after the first full moon (not available yet, sorry)
- forced the first tomb of urd scene for two reasons: Larik will join the party, and the first scene with Zachary/Valery MUST trigger, otherwise the visit they make after the first full moon even doesn't make sense!
- fixed bug of enemy names being too long in the battle screen
- added a display when there's an "empty slot" in the enemy lineup
- fixed a bug in the party selection screen which could crash the game, also in the same screen now the required party members work properly

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Version 10 Dec 31, 2017

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