Cursed Lands version 0.7.0

Did a BIG update today. Sadly no, not yet act 2 

However thanks to renke who did a really good job in testing now I fixed a lot of bugs and tweaked everything. I am not going to be able to spend months "balancing" the game, but still I think now should be more difficult for example to kill all 4 vampire lieutenant on first fullmoon, etc.

Also added more item drops and removed most of the SP/HP regen jewelry since that one was really too powerful. You can read the full list of changes below:

- added the current day in the savegame info
- fixed a unlimited grinding cheat in the arena if you clicked help button (now help is always displayed on bottom)
- enemy distinctive letter (A,B,C,D, etc) are now automatically assigned by the game itself (before I was doing it manually, sometimes doing mistakes :D)
- fixed Larik's Cleave skill (before worked only if you were using a Sword but was a bug!)
- tweaked Gun attack delay/damage a bit and guns defense/speed malus to be more balanced
- fixed some missing item art (Vaeril's hat for example)
- spinning strike now really hits enemies in a random order (before always was left to right)
- tweaked various skills to balance the game better in particular the boss fights
- you can see your own members HP/SP when you click to examine the character details even if you don't have acuity
- fixed GUI of selling/buying items in shops (bar was cut on the right)
- when talking with Apolimesho before first full moon mission the bonus talent wasn't correctly added to the talent skilltree, now works
- counterattack won't trigger anymore when target is hit by ranged attacks
- fixed Jasper's pinning shot to not use second weapon (ranged attack only, so only one shot/hit)

Unless there's some serious bugs, I plan to do the next update only when I fully code the second act. Hopefully by end of month or early February

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Version 15 Jan 18, 2018

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