Cursed Lands version 0.7.2

What's New in Version 0.7.2

- coded act 2! a LOT of new stuff is ready to test :)
- fixed Sylrissa's recover skill (before wasn't working)
- added scene with Apolimesho in act1 that gives you money reward depending on how much you fought in the arena. This way people who don't like grinding still have enough gold to buy the necessary equipment (of course grinding you still get the XP bonus)
- forced unlocking Nuala/desert scenes to avoid some plot hole bugs later. Old saves still work, but playing from beginning now it will avoid possible plot holes
- nerfed Pinning Shot and Magic Chains (higher delay and shorter paralyze duration) because they were really too powerful
- nerfed Debilitate which now reduces enemy SP by 1,2,3 (one less by level)
- added various reputation bonus during some quests in act 2 for the towns without arena, so you can get a discount also in Grantree, Unforgiving Swamps merchants, etc
- the item "Book Of Speed" would let you cast Haste... on your enemies only! Lol, now you can correctly target your allies.
- please note: the first Enok relationship is not scripted yet: I didn't do that because I don't have the edited texts yet, but I didn't want to delay this update just for that ^_^;

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Version 17 Feb 02, 2018

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