Cursed Lands version 0.7.5

What's new in 0.7.5

- the merchant profession bonus wasn't working - you would get no discount. Now it works correctly

- capped the max reputation in each town to 50 otherwise items become too cheap and you can buy/resell them for profit (unlimited money cheat in practice)

- reduced portraits size in vendors (when you have full party it's too large)

- fixed a bug that was making items apparently disappear when you bought them (they were grouped based on superclass even if had different icon gfx)

- now the party minimum size will be 2 after you start a mission (when you choose your team). This should solve some bugs like in the Tomb Of Urd fight with the Lich, when there's only the envoy and either Larik or Nuala (so a party of 2 and it wouldn't go on since before you needed minimum 3 members)

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Version 20 Feb 03, 2018

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