Cursed Lands version 0.7.6

What's new in 0.7.6

- fixed several typos

- now Compromise will return 0% success chances in a "Battle To Death" fight (enemies will never surrender or flee from battle). For Reason, the flee option will be disabled instead (pre-emptive strike still works)

- against boss targets, the talent effect are applied before ending the battle phase. So for example a successful Demand will give you the item, and then show the social victory screen

- social victory now gives you the regular XP amount (before was bugged and always gave you 0 XP!)

- changed the Avoidance sound effect (when using Sylrissa you'd hear a male battlecry :P)

- tweaked bluff text to make it more clear that enemy will attack one of it's allies

- one of the possible outcomes for Dasyra's personal quest was setting Hammerhands reputation to 75, too high (allowing the previously fixed "money cheat")

- tweaked Debilitate to be a very fast skill, different from the others

- you could repeat the Kraken quest endlessly, now works properly!

- reverted the items change since was filling the inventory with garbage :P now basic item of same type will be stacked together like before

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Version 21 Feb 03, 2018

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