Cursed Lands version 0.8.1

What's new in 0.8.1

- raised back the enemy Defense value since they were too low (in some early battles you could kill a Lizardman with Sylrissa with one hit!)

- the debilitate skill now correctly steals minimum 1 SP, even against enemies with very low SP amounts

- all the talents that give items to player (Demand, Interest, Sympathize, etc) will give the item ONCE per battle. This because it could be spammed to obtain a lot of free item during long fights. The other talent effects (like slowing down, paralyzing enemies, etc) will still work even if you repeat the skill instead

- raised slightly the Easy difficulty - it's still easy, but not like before (was pointless since there's also VN Mode!)

- fixed a wrong alignment on the battle of grimoire bar (due to new Ren'Py)

- if you manage to kill Hersilia and her undead on first fight, you'll skip the cutscene, avoiding later bugs and getting double loot from her

- paralyzing resistances of bosses lowered by one and tweaked the mechanic so that if you hit a paralyzed enemy the duration is lowered by 1. This solves the issue of paralyzing skills being too powerful against boss enemies (and in general). The same conditions apply also for your party of course.

- pinning shot and magic chains duration increase by 1 on all levels. Magic Chains Expert SP drain has been reduced to 2 though, since 5 x 2 = 10 SP drained with one skill is very powerful already!

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Version 26 Feb 06, 2018

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