Cursed Lands version 0.8.4

What's new in 0.8.4

- fixing Jasper Guard Break added a bug to Larik's Into The Fray, which now works again correctly

- now the Envoy will never show up anymore in the team selection screen (as it should). Before it was incorrectly appearing in the list if you removed him/her when doing an arena fight before a mission. Of course it will always start up in the default party in the first position in the "review your party" screen before battles

- cross cut doesn't work on boss enemies, updated description

- fixed dark elf blademaster paralysis resistance (dark elves sidequest) and woodcrasher

- the enemy retreats from battle message was showing up even when you actually just killed the last enemy!

- fixed a crash in blight hunting due to missing act1_fought_woodcrasher variable

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Version 29 Feb 07, 2018

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