Cursed Lands version 0.8.9b

What's new in 0.8.9b (forgot to update the version number so you'll still see 0.8.9 in game main menu!)

- when playing in VN Mode, removed the arena option and level up screen completely (since they're pointless in this mode)

- if you changed skin color or other details and then loaded an old save, the NEW value would replace the ones in the save. Now this won't happen anymore (old saves will still have this bug, but the new ones won't anymore)

- Jasper's Dirty Tricks was considered a debuff, so if you used a cleanse skill like Nuala's Purify, you would also remove that buff! this has been fixed

- tweaked Nootau mending ball cost to 2, to add more variety to combat (he would keep healing as soon as he got 1 SP back from regen)

- fixed a bug that would keep popping up the advice to visit Orcish Wastes even if you already did that (thanks to gray_duck for the save)

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Version 35 Feb 14, 2018

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