Cursed Lands version 0.9.4

What's New in Version 0.9.4

- wasn't possible to unlock Vaeril's romance because there weren't enough points available with him! I now added more points (especially when completing his personal quest) so that now should work

- when you had a successful skill check in Jasper's Peppergun quest with the plan steal, it wouldn't work (set check as fail and quest failed) now works

- the Party Talk menu option in Grimoire was showing up even when only Jasper was available to talk, fixed

- fixed a bug in Larik's quest: if you moved your character out of active party in the party management and then started Larik's recruitment quest, your character won't show up in the battle against the black sand monster, and you couldn't proceed any further

- the "Son Of A Gun" achievement (complete both Jasper's quests) now unlocks properly

- added log notification if you use a skill that removes a debuff. Before it wasn't writing any lines in blog, causing people to wonder if was working or not (it always was, but no log text was appearing)

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Version 40 Mar 03, 2018

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