Cursed Lands version 0.9.6

What's New in Version 0.9.6

- removed the time advance in Kusho's quest, because it was still potentially causing issues with the main plot (it could happen or not, randomly). Maybe not realistic but that's how all open-world games are done anyway 

- the amount of gold you get on 3rd act is back 50 gold / day (forgot to add it before)

- Jasper's Headshot damage wasn't upgrading correctly as the skill text description was saying

- during a scene before the final event (won't say more because of spoilers) the scripting was missing, and also each recruited character should speak in turn, but that wasn't working properly

- in the same scene if some party member quit (removed from your party) the game would crash. Now works!

- fixed Vaeril romance (was forcing it even if you refused him, seeing him only as friend)

- romances were still bugged, in many cases it wouldn't check if you actually slept with someone (seen romance CG) but only if you had 100 relationship, "forcing" a romance on you after day 70 (for example if you had Vaeril at 100 after day 70 it would set him as your romance even if you have never seen the romance CG). Hopefully now all works as it should!!

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Version 42 Mar 04, 2018

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