Cursed Lands version 0.9.7

What's New in Version 0.9.7

- added the possibility to change your team during the final assault battle to N'Mar, since it's not a stealth mission, it was a bit strange to limit the number of characters that could be used. Added a menu option before entering the castle, in the final boss fight you must still use 6 characters

- fixed Scholar Enok, Lake Bath with Enok, Lake Bath with Sylrissa achievements that now work

- removed Senya relationship display since doesn't impact the game in any way

- increased Karen's relationship points you get overall through the story, in particular after rescuing the amazons (always happens) but also if you manage to recruit all team members (big boost). I think restarting a save from the scene just BEFORE the first full moon (when Karen tells you about the prisoners) should get you full relationship and unlock her "sexy CG" successfully

- Beautiful Painting now has a background when replayed from gallery

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Version 43 Mar 05, 2018

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