Cursed Lands version 1.0.5

What's New in Version 1.0.5

- tweaked the initial character creation layout, so that the continue button is on bottom and the choices made are highlighted better

- added checks for the epilogues in case you didn't recruit someone (like Jasper, Kusho or Vaeril), will show a slightly different text

- added the game theme song

- the minimum success percentage for a talent is now 5% and not 1% like before

- added a messagebox explaining that some quests/locations might be temporarily inacessible but they'll come back later (like the tomb of urd)

- added an automatic save before the end of demo, so people can click "continue" on main menu and resume playing from there

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Version 55 Apr 11, 2018

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Hello. I got game beta of version 55, but I can't open it on my MAC. What should I do?

Check this guide in my forums:

Thank you so much! Now it finally worked