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is there a guide for this game? I can never get a proper happy ending

What do you mean? Did you get the romance CGs? For the scheduler the important is to take breaks to avoid stress going to high and trigger the mindless rage bad ending :)

I just kept getting the bittersweet endings! It’s good I finally figured out how to get happy ones


Is there necessarily a jealousy scene? I'm on the Victor's Route and every time I come across a jealous scene and I was wondering if it came from me or not...

Yes in practice they're a way to decide who you want still to pursue, isn't a consequence of your actions.

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Oh I see. 

I chose the least "flirty" answer with everyone except Victor, and starting from the 3rd week I offered a gift AND went on a date with Victor each time, but I always had a jealousy scene.
But if it's "mandatory" then I understand why I couldn't avoid having a jealousy scene! :)

is it nsfw?

There is some nudity but nothing explicit (no genitals or nipples) since this artist doesn't draw such content.

Does this game not work on with the latest version of MacOS? I've downloaded the game but when I click the file to play the game, It doesn't open.

Please check this thread in my forums (usually after trying those things, it works):

do we choose which twin we play or do we switch between them?


You choose at the beginning of the game who you want to play as.

Is there still a demo version of this game?  I've tried finding one both on the website and itch app and I can only find the full paid version (I was hoping to get a better idea of the individual routes before I decided to buy...).

There was one but I temporarily took it offline since it was hard to mantain two versions (a bug in demo carried over in the full version). Once the full version is more stable I'll make a new one (probably in a week)!

What month will this game be released in? I played the demo and loved it.  Also, do you have any other games that don't require stat-raising ?


The writer is finishing the last route right now. I think next month (March) could be a good estimate for the beta, and maybe April for the final release (but you can play it already in beta). 

As for other games without stat raising, Heileen 1-2 don't have that, Bionic Heart, Nicole has a beta version of VN mode, and both Queen Of Thieves and Planet Stronghold:Colonial Defense albeit are a RPG/CCG, they can be both played in "VN Mode" (story and choices only). Thanks