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Introducing "Save the World", a thrilling sci-fi story about Ekiya, a young woman living in London who's struggling to make ends meet with her roommate, Sarah, in a world where all that matters is how much money you make.

Sarah, Ekiya's best friend and perhaps something more (The first love interest)

After a break-up and recent job change, Ekiya's life takes an even more drastic turn when she's kidnapped by aliens. Their leader introduces themself as Xen and explains that they are space travelers with the objective of saving the worlds they encounter.

Ekiya, the protagonist of the story

Xen asks Ekiya about the problems on Earth and all Ekiya does is answer seemingly innocent questions about the world including the uneven distribution of wealth. Little does she know, her answers will soon influence the fate of the entire world.

Xen, the alien leader (The second love interest)

The following day, Xen makes a proclamation: every day a progressively increasing number of the wealthiest individuals on Earth would be killed. At first, there are attempts to fight back. However, the superiority of the aliens' technology quickly becomes clear. The world is completely at their mercy-- and perhaps, Ekiya's.

Xen seems to trust her judgement and continues listening to Ekiya's advice. Can Ekiya change Xen's mind? Convince them to leave? Or, if it comes to it, can Ekiya discover a way to destroy Xen and the rest of the aliens?

This is exactly what Agent Castillo from MI6 asks her to do.

Agent Castillo

As Ekiya, you must decide what to do. Do you prioritize humanity or will you look for a more peaceful way to settle things? Maybe this is your chance to better the world. Instead of destroying the aliens, perhaps you can use your influence to inact even more radical changes-- changes that will potentially help more than yourself and your roommate. After all, what have the rich ever done for you besides ignore your suffering?

With four different endings, two love interests (Xen and Sarah), and a story full of unpredictable and thoughtful moments, "Save the World" is a game that you won't want to miss.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 1.2 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorWinter Wolves
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAliens, Sci-fi, Yuri
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesGerman, Spanish; Castilian, French, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Chinese (Simplified)


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Yarr Harr, this be bereft of substance, and the maidens be rife with scurvy.

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Bought the game and started playing it. I like it so far: The story is really interesting. I like where it goes. And the background music is really nice. Though the UI could use some more polish, I would love a screenshot option and more realistic - not that huge -chest sizes of some female characters (particularly Ekiya and Sarah). What is irritating to me is that the protagonist (obviously someone living in London) says "metro" which in London is called "The Tube" or "The Underground", and the "UK parliament" is called "Houses of Parliament"


Good point I guess since I used a writer from USA she wasn't familiar with those terms. I'll try to fix them in an update :)


Or just Parliament

Sounds reasonable (I'm no local but love to visit this city every few years) :)


Save the world? Who cares about the world if the aliens are that cute?


Good question! :D