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This is the story of Kunya, the child of Chief Goro, leader of the Desert Snakes tribe. Kunya is a formidable warrior and a future warchief.

But even the most formidable need allies.

Kunya, the main protagonist of the story

Kunya can count on Luna's motherly cures.  There isn't a single thing the shaman can't fix with her potions.

Luna is the healer of the group. And what a healer...

On the battlefield, there's no better ally than Takara.

Brave and hot-headed, she's always looking to gain more fame and recognition so that her name will be remembered by future generations.

Takara, the bravest warrior of the Desert Snake tribe. I love the skull on the shield!

Though older than the others, Manila is no less dangerous in a fight.

She may be a lone wolf, but she's always willing to share her wisdom and experience.

Older than the others but still hot. Manila is a real MILF warrior!

With Lyara about to marry an elven prince, the tribe is in disorder.

As a half-elf abandoned in the desert as a child, she has always struggled to fit in with the other nomads despite being adopted as Goro's daughter.

Perhaps this marriage can return her to her elven roots.

Fast and deadly, Lyara will also discover her beastmaster skills during the journey

Unfortunately, events conspire against this union.  As Prince Merril travels to meet Lyara, his caravan is assaulted by dark elves and he is nowhere to be found in the aftermath.

Now it's up to Kunya and the others to track him down.  They'll face numerous dangers, using force and cunning to overcome them.  In doing so, perhaps Kunya will discover love along with the hidden power of Lyara, the beastmaster princess.

Optional Adult Content

The game features optional sexy outfits, and will also offer full nudity (both character sprites and CG scenes). You can change those settings in the options screen.

from left to right: normal, sexy outfit, fully naked

The game CGs will feature beautiful hand painted artwork, more detailed than the usual cell-shading coloring style found in other games:

A close-up detail of one of the Luna CGs. Full picture shows the full body


PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 2.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorWinter Wolves
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFantasy, Multiple Endings, Romance, Singleplayer, Yuri
Average sessionA few hours


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There seems to be a minor glitch. I got Lyara's romance ending, but the gallery scene didn't unlock.

Thanks will take a look!

hehe 14$

Looks good! Will it also release on steam?

Yes likely next month, but in adult-only category, so if you're from Germany or other banned countries, it's best to buy it on itchio (you also get a Steam key that you can redeem).