Planet Stronghold 2 version 1.0.14

What's New in 1.0.14

- fixed a bug with Luxinde buff in Philipp's final battle (was duplicating Regen ID causing side effects)

- empire scouts had wrong icon in battle turn order portraits

- the level of item decrypted is based on the level you were when you got datapad, and not when it's decrypted (I've changed the text)

- the chapter 2 side quest "Rebuild A Future" sometimes might fail with bad luck (uncommon but could happen), I have tweaked the values so it should be easier to make it

- to balance the excessive damage of SMG/Machinegun/Assault Rifles I've reduced the Critical value of those 3 weapon types

- the right non-combat skill to reveal enemy information was Psionics, and not Culture (which gives already an Acid damage bonus). This has been fixed now, also in the help texts

- fixed wrong color for Arnox Warchief during chapter 3 quest to kill Apex Alpha

- fixed more typos

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Version 53 Apr 22, 2020

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