Planet Stronghold 2 version 1.0.0 - Official release!

After 2 weeks since last bug report (and it was a typo) I decided was pointless to keep waiting and decided to officially release Planet Stronghold 2 !

(note that due to the Catalina OS, it is NOT available for Mac)

I'll call this "soft-release" mode but only because I'm very paranoid. A Steam release is expected in 2-3 weeks, I still need the video trailer (they require it) and fix some stuff regarding the adult content that on Steam will be unlocked through a separate free DLC, while the base game will be censored.

Here on you can simply enable/disable the adult content going in the options screen.

What's New in 1.0.0

- updated some achievements icons that were using duplicate images

- fixed a few more typos

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Version 39 Mar 11, 2020

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