Planet Stronghold 2 version 1.0.3

What's New in 1.0.3

- there was a well-hidden bug that was adding skills in a hidden list, allowing certain characters to use skills that they DIDN'T learn ! This has now been fixed and should be compatible even with old saves (won't work if you saved in middle of a fight though)

- the Defend text was wrong, claiming any class recovers 1 armor when defending, while only the Soldier class with the Repair Armor skilltree can

- in the crafting screen, certain items like Legendary armor Myssa might not get any stat upgrade from a level to another unless you used Gharl Stones to do it. I have now changed this so that at least will get an Evasion upgrade until a value of 30, making the upgrade meaningful again

- fixed the attribute texts box in the level up screen so the Will attribute description fits

- fixed some more typos

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Version 42 Mar 18, 2020

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Not sure where to do this, so I'll do it here.

In my first time playing the game I came across a situation where I managed to set all of Damien's attributes to zero. I first noticed this when you recruit everyone right at the start and it gives them all a level. For some reason, Damien's stats there were zero (or clicking reset set them to zero, I no longer remember which).

I remember struggling with the reset and clear commands, but that might've been because I was new to the game.

Those 2 aim there were probably what I gave them in the previous level-up.

I was just testing out the game here, and I did Empire Lisa. This version of the game, hence why I posted it here.

I have no saves of this outside one way past the point where the stats got set to zero.

In short, if you feel you might know where to look, maybe there was something odd here. Otherwise, just assume I set them all to zero at the gym and then left like that by accident.

Thanks, yes I think it's likely related to the gym reset attribute thing, I'll take a look!