Planet Stronghold 2 version 1.0.5

What's New in 1.0.5

- fixed a crashing bug triggered only if you were in a sector that will be eliminated after Day 60 (uncommon but possible)

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Version 44 Mar 21, 2020

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I seem to have become unable to access the previous lines via scrolling up as I used to do. This appears save specific rather than due to the game version, as I can load an earlier save and access previous lines that way.

I was wondering, though, if there is any possible way I can restore the ability to go backwards on my current save. This is very inconvenient for me, as I frequently click through lines accidentally.

Strange, I disable it during combat because otherwise leads to bugs, but after a fight it should work again. Maybe try to do a combat and see if works? Otherwise need to ask Ren'Py coder since I'm not sure why that happens!

As it happens, it fixed itself just now. A combat was not the cause, but rather, the main story advancing. I've just hit the deadline and somewhere after passing out the rollback is working once more.

Good, maybe I'll also add another rollback enable during the main scenes.

Off-topic, but the game keeps switching between sergeant and lieutenant for Koenig. I presume he is meant to be the former.

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He should be a simple soldier, since the sergeant have green suit (Rumi now has it).

So this isn't a bug per se, but I think it would be helpful if you would put plot choice summaries (empire/rebellion/various romance options) in the initial character creation like you have with the classes.  Also the ability to go back to previous choices without having to completely reset everything.

I also have a question about the romance options-for the ones that could be continued from the first game, you say that you don't have to stay with them for the second game, but can you start a relationship with them (so like if you pick no one can you later start a relationship)?

Yes you can start as "single" and then romance anyone, including the original love interests, not just the new ones.

Awesome, thank you for clarifying!

No problem, you're welcome. However I should point out that doing so you miss a lot of early dialogues for each character (since they refer to specific events in the main plot). I'd recommend maybe to replay the game in VN mode if you want to play different routes.

How am I meant to download the zip file for the update?


you can either install itchio client which works the same way as Steam, keeping all games you own updated, or in your account you should be able to download the updated .zip (but honestly is better to use the client since it's all automatic).

Maybe check the FAQ here like this one: